June 30, 2022
Dua to Make Your Husband Love You

Dua to Make Your Husband Love You, Care You, Respect You

Dua to Make Your Husband Love You: There are many women who stay in a marriage where the husbands do not love them, this is really sad but it is happening a lot in Muslim families these days. If you think your husband does not give you the love you want then you should do dua to make your husband respect you or dua to make your husband love you again. 

It is true that the intensity of love reduces as days go by but see that your husband is not disrespecting you. Maybe he is not showing the love that he used during the initial days of marriage but that does not mean that he is not loving you. Maybe he is not taking you out every weekend instead he is purchasing all the kitchen appliances you need. This is also a form of love that you need to understand. Kindly do not fight with your husband or question his love for you. This gives rise to a misunderstanding that no one wants.

Dua to Make Your Husband Love You
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Islamic Dua to Make Your Husband Love You

  • Follow this procedure step by step and you will get what you desire eventually
  • First, make an ablution 
  • Then pray the Chashat Salah
  • Recite the Darood shareef 11 times without stopping
  • End by reciting the Darood Shareef 11 times

Before you start doing the dua these are the things you need to keep in mind to get the best result and they are: –

  • Take a hot water bath so that you can keep your aura clean. 
  • Rub your body so that there is no water droplet 
  • Never perform this dua harboring any kind of ill intentions as the dua will not have any effect
  • This dua will be more effective if you keep your husband’s photo in front of you and keep focusing on it
  • If you are on your periods then you should not perform this dua
  • Never tell your husband about this dua then it might not work
  • Pronounce the words clearly as incorrect pronunciation changes the meaning of the word and does not give positive results
  • While performing the dua have complete faith in Allah and keep thinking this will happen

When it comes to an arranged marriage most of the time a Muslim parent finds a groom for their husband who is quite elder. Being quite old the man cannot understand how to express love, the wife wants in some manner and the husband cannot execute it. If this is your condition then you can perform the dua, you will see that things are changing and your husband is expressing his feelings for you.

As a wife, you should also express your love to your husband by doing what he wants. He is the one who is working throughout the day, so when he comes back home, keeps the house clean, makes his favorite food item, and stays near to him. This is something every husband wants and being a wife, you have to do it. It is your duty to keep your husband happy. Every Muslim wife believes in this and practices this as well. 

At the end of the day all wives want their husband to listen to their whole day’s struggle, if you think this is not happening then you should do a dua to make your husband listen to you. Your husband should give you alone time to hear all your stories. An intense conversation is something that should happen between all husbands and wives. This is also a form of love between couples. 

How to make your husband love you in Islam

A Muslim woman is lucky if she has a loving and caring husband. You can also be a lucky one if you do this dua. Many wives do duas secretly to be happy, so do not think you are an expected one. Do everything to get your husband’s love, once he starts loving you, he will respect you at the same time. He will not quarrel with you, not pick up a fight at the drop of a hat. Things will change and you will see that love is in the air. 

The best thing that you can do is pray to Allah every day. Keep telling him what you want and do that makes you and your husband happy. It is true that the husband is the head of the family but at the same time, he should love and respect the wife so that the momentum of the family keeps going.

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