June 30, 2022
How to Get Divorce from Husband in Islam

How to Get Divorce from Husband in Islam (100% Effective)

How to Get Divorce from Husband in Islam: Getting a divorce from a Muslim girl is not easy, it was never easy before and it will never be in the future. A girl has to face a lot of things after her divorce from society, thinking of this fact most Muslim women do not want to stay separately from their husbands. They rather stay in a toxic relationship than go to court to file for a divorce. If you want to know how to get divorce from husband in Islam then keep reading this. 

In Islam, a divorce is called talaq and one of the most difficult things a girl has to go through if she is thinking of it. The relationship may come to an end but society does not allow the girl to survive peacefully. Society might point fingers at you but that does not mean you need to go back to your abusive husband. Do not lose your self-respect staying with your husband. Think this to be a bad phase of your life and end the matter as soon as possible. 

How to Get Divorce from Husband in Islam

A Muslim girl cannot dream in her nightmare about how to get divorce from husband easily. She will try her best to save the relationship, she will do everything to make her husband happy. Finally, when she gets tired and claustrophobic then she might think of separation, not before that. A girl should always discuss this matter with someone who is close to her so that the person can give ideas to solve the problem and finally he can talk to an Iman if you want to, tell him your problems, he will tell you what is best for you. 

Instead of facing physical and mental suffering, staying in an abusive marriage comes out of it. Your parents might have arranged this marriage for you but they did not know that your husband will be a bad human being. It is you who is suffering, it is you who came to see the inhuman side of your husband, you are the one who is the victim, so gather courage and talk to a lawyer.

How to Get Divorce from Husband in Islam

If you think that you cannot face a lawyer or go to court, then do this ritual. This ritual will make things easier and lighter for you. You need to do this for 17 days continuously without missing a day.  

Start doing this dua on a Thursday so that it helps you to speed up the divorce and no complications rises. 

  • Do an ablution, being a girl before starting with any dua first and foremost clean your body properly, make sure that there is no drop of water in your body.
  • On a white piece of paper, write down what you want and fold it. Place this paper in front of you.
  • Keep a glass of water.
  • Concentrate on this glass of water and keep praying to Allah Tallah.
  • Now recite ‘YA WADOODO’ 10 times.
  • Next, say the Surah for minimum 5 times.
  • After completing all the steps, now take the glass of water and drink it.

What if husband does not agree to khula

She will be in an abusive relationship and still she will not pray how to get divorce from husband because she knows the path will be difficult and she might not have the strength to face it. First and foremost, most Muslim families do not accept their daughters who are divorcees. If you are going through something like this then kindly ask Allah for help. Tell him your situation, pray to him day and night, he will support you. He will give you what you want, he will make the path easier for you.  

Consider your divorce as a road to peaceful life and happiness. Do not curse yourself thinking that you cannot make your marriage a happy one. This was not your duty but a task between the two. Your husband is also responsible for a happy marriage, he cannot be abusive just because he is not getting what he wants. You should appreciate the fact that you have at least tried to be happy with that man but somehow it did not work. Keep looking forward, Allah has some other plans to make you happy. 

Not all marriages are meant to be successful and not every couple is happy. If you think you are not happy, your husband is not giving that happiness and there is constant fight then end the marriage. Ending a marriage is not a social crime and Allah will not punish you. Staying in the marriage you are punishing yourself and that is not right. Do this dua for 17 days and end the relationship and In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will help you.

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