June 30, 2022
How to Win Love Back

How to Win Love Back & Come Back Lost Love in Life Again

How to Win Love Back: Whenever we are in a relationship at the beginning everything looks perfect, and life is full of joy. However, the equation changes once the days go by, partners generally dedicate lesser time to the relationship than it used to be previously. Unfortunately, one thinks that the other is cheating or has lost interest, in other words, make stories in their head. 

Breakups can happen due to various reasons; it is not necessary that one has to make a mistake or be at fault when the relationship is falling apart. It can be due to one partner moving out of the country and not wanting to carry on with it or the partner’s parents not wanting the two together, then sadly one will cry, and deep down the heart will want the lover to be back. Breakups are never happy; you will feel emptiness because you both are used to each other. 

Sometimes it can happen that the love that you had for your partner is reducing, this is what you feel, if this is your situation then you can pray to Allah regarding how to win love back. This can be felt by the other partner as well, first try to talk and sort the matter, if this does not happen then talk to a Maulana Ji.

How to Win Love Back

How to Win Love Back FAQs

Here are a few questions that will help you while you are trying to get your lover back

Q. How to bring my love back?

Ans. This is the question that everyone asks Allah when they are going through a breakup. If one really wants his or her love then this is the only question that will go on in his mind. Yes, there are many ways to bring back your long-lost love but the best way to do so is by praying to Allah. This is the only step to get back your lover and you will not go wrong with it. 

Q. How to cope with sadness?

Ans. While you are trying to bring your lover back do not forget to look after yourself. Crying throughout the day and not having food on time does not solve the matter. Instead, start taking care of yourself all the more. Do everything that you like, look after yourself, exercise, buy the dress that you always wanted and so on. Keep doing this so that when your boyfriend is back, he will be surprised to see how beautiful you have become.

Q. Is it necessary to give space?

Ans. Consider this period as giving space to each other. This is something very important which most of the time people ignore. Space is something both require, think of this period as giving space and time. See whether you can stay without him or not, think whether he is the one for you, and so on. Likewise, give him his own time, let him also feel your absence, if he can do so then surely, he is going to come back. 

Q. Will Allah Tallah help to sail this situation?

Ans. Allah will be there for you and with you, all the time, keep this in mind and have faith in this belief of yours. Since you are single and alone again dedicate this time to Allah, keep praying all the time, express your feelings, make him understand, and ask him how to win love back. Do duas, wazifa and if you do not know about it then talk to a Maulana Ji, he will surely help you. 

How to win someone’s heart back through text

If you are planning to do a dua to bring back lost love then do the dua in the correct procedure so that it gives an effective result very soon. Here is the procedure before you start the dua for this matter: –

  • First, sip the Water of Zamzam (if you do not have it then try to arrange it)
  • Start by performing all dua after listening to the Adhan
  • Sit in the direction of the Qibla while you are performing this dua
  • You should perform this dua in the proper Islamic Hallal way
  • While you are doing this dua does not bring in any negative thoughts in your mind, then it will act as a blockage
  • If you think you are making a mistake while the dua is then recite the Astaghfirullah 10 times.

Love life is a long journey, do not think of splitting every moment. If you really want to stay together then adjust, there is nothing wrong with adjusting with each other. Love life cannot be a bed of roses as we see in a movie or read in books. There will be problems, and at the same time moments of joy, celebrate both if you want to stay with your partner, or else keep crying and think how to win love back.  

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