August 20, 2022
Wazifa for Lover Come Back

Wazifa for Lover Come Back in 24 Hours (100% Tested)

Wazifa for Lover Come Back: Getting your lover back is a dream that can come true by reciting this magical wazifa for lovers to come back in just three days. You can get your husband’s Love back by reciting the dua, but the condition is that you have to read all the articles without skipping any part. Completely follow all the steps and directions as directed. Don’t leave any obligatory prayer and give charity. 

Islam loves to guide lovers towards the right path, that is “Nikah” If you want to recite the dua for lovers to come back with the clear intention, you will fulfill your wish with the blessings of the dua. But if you want to recite it for an illegitimate relationship, you will not get the result. To perform the wazifa with positive intention and pure heart to make your wish comes true, with the help of ALLAH TABARAK TALA. 

Wazifa for Lover Come Back

Is there any guaranteed Wazifa for Lover Come Back to you? 

You can’t put your Love in someone’s heart by force, but we can try to melt the ice with our attitude and best dua for Love after the wazifa, make dua with firm belief and torn eyes. There is nothing impossible for ALLAH SWT; HE TABARAK TALA is capable of everything. 

“To Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He gives life and causes death. And He is Most Capable of everything.”

As a believer, we believe that dua has the power to change destiny. Dua is a powerful connection between ALLAH and humans. When we make dua in any language, we bond with ALLAH TABARAK TALA. The deeper we pray, the stronger our relationship with God will be. Therefore, no matter what language we ask for, Allah will never neglect our prayers, provided it is time to accept it. 

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In the life of a husband and wife, if Love begins to fade away, then life also begins to wither. Sometimes because of worse circumstances and sometimes any third party, the distance between them increases day by day. If you suspect that your husband is involved in any other woman and won’t love you anymore, reciting this wazifa for only one day will bring your husband’s Love back to you. 

Before going to the wazifa, there are some tips to make your marital life flowery. 

  • Don’t avoid your husband in any condition. 
  • Give him respect and Love. 
  • Avoid unnecessary reasoning and interruptions. 
  • Recite “SURAT JUMMA” every day for provision. 
  • Make positive changes in your personality with a normal make-over. 
  • Take care of his like and dislike. 
  • Recite “SURAT FALAK” every day. 
  • If you think you can’t hold your anger, try to remain silent for at least 12 minutes. Think before you speak. 

Steps to perform the Wazifa for Lover Come Back:

  • Do ablution and offer “NAMAZ ISHA”.
  • Recite durood Shareef 7 times. 
  • Recite the name of “ALLAH


777 times. 

  • Recite durood Shareef 7 times. 
  • Make dua for your purpose. 

Important note:

You can’t recite the wazifa in your periods. Suppose you want to recite the wazifa for your lover. You can recite the wazifa with the same etiquettes. In that case, you have to perform the wazifa for only one day, and after that, if you want to continue the wazifa, you can repeat the same wazifa for any time. Don’t talk with anyone during recitation. 

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Here is the magical wazifa to make your Love crazy about you and come back to you:



He will surely cause them to enter an entrance with which they will be pleased, and indeed, Allah is Knowing and Forbearing. (22:59)

ALLAH TABARAK TALA is “ HALEEM”. He is most merciful and forgiving. Al-Sa’di said in his Tafseer: “Al-Haleem is the One Who keeps bestowing blessings, both visible and hidden, on His creation, even though they disobey Him and make many mistakes. 

If your husband does not love you anymore, or you want to get back your lover, this wazifa is very effective for this purpose. Parents that are annoying because of their disobedient children can also recite this wazifa to make their children obedient. Recite the wazifa with pure intention, and perform all the steps as directed. INSHALLAH, with the help of ALLAH SWT, you will get your Love back in less than eleven days. 

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How to perform the Dua for someone to come back to you? 

  • Make fresh ablution and offer two NAFAL-E-HAJAT. 
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times. 
  • Recite the name of ALLAH 

“YAA HALEEMO” 880 times. 

  • Recite durood Shareef again 11 times. 
  • Repeat the wazifa for 11 days. 
  • After 11 days, blow it on the water and give the water to the particular person, or you can add this water to the water cooler or any other drinkable water container. 
  • INSHALLAH, you will get your Love back in a few days. 

Important note:

If the particular person is not present, you can make a blow imaginary on it and drink the water by yourself. You can’t recite the wazifa in periods. 

If you have any other questions or want to get permission for the wazifa, you can contact Maulana Sahab. He will permit you and make a special dua. 

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