June 30, 2022
Wazifa for One Sided Love

Wazifa for One Sided Love in 7 Days (100% Working)

Wazifa for One Sided Love: One-sided love is a feeling for someone who does not have a mutual feeling towards the person. In other words, it is an infatuation where attraction plays a prime role. This feeling must be reciprocated to the person or else it does not have any meaning. There are many girls and boys who are a victim of this kind of love. This love is very common among young girls and boys who are in high schools or colleges. 

One-sided love is the most painful thing that a person can go through. He or she will love someone with full heart and soul but will not get that person, the thought itself hurts everyone. If you want to know how to convert one sided love into two sided then continue reading this article. This article will have dua for one sided love, and wazifa for one sided love

No one wants the love of their life to be with someone else or not know anything about the feeling. If you do not want rejection then you need to pray daily, do not sit and cry thinking that he or she will never come to know about your love. Crying is negative energy that Allah does not want from his children. Try to be positive in this matter and think that he is already with you.

Wazifa for One Sided Love

Strong Wazifa for One Sided Love

Wazifa for one sided love for those you are in pain and thinking that he or she will never get the person.

  • You need to do this wazifa at midnight, so if you sleep on time then wake up for the wazifa
  • Next, go to the washroom, take a bath (you can use hot water) and wear clean clothes. Make sure there is no drop of water on your body
  • This will make you feel pure, if you think that your body and soul is pure then sit for the prayer service
  • Start doing Wudu
  • Do Raqah of Tahajjud Salah two times
  • Then recite this dua ‘INN ALLAAH YUSMIUU MANYASHAAUU’
  • Next read the Surah Yaseen
  • Now say a short prayer on the person you love, tell Allah to send him to you as soon as possible

Though in India we keep seeing movies where it shows one sided love and we enjoy it in reality, this is very painful. No one should want anyone to go through this. One sided love does not give anything apart from tears and pain. If you do not dare to tell the person whom you love then do dua so that he comes to know about it. So Islamic duas are so powerful that the person comes to know immediately through the voice of Allah. If you can perform the wazifa correctly you will see that the person is coming to you. In fact, he or she will want to be yours, want to stay with you. Think of the beautiful days ahead of you and keep performing the powerful wazifas. 

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Istikhara for one sided love (you can do this at any time of the day)

  • For this also you need to take a bath and then sit for the prayer session
  • Everyday try to offer namaz at least 5 times
  • After completing the Namaz you need to offer two Raqat Nafal, if you are doing this in Tahajjud
  • After finishing the two Raqat Nafal you need to recite the Darood shareef continuously 9 times
  • Then start reciting the Surah Fafiha 51 times without stopping in the middle
  • After finishing the Surha Fatiha recite this dua in your mind 41 times ‘INN ALLAAH YUSMIUU MANYASHAAUU’
  • Finally recite the Darood Sharif 9 times

If you want the person whom you love as your future husband or wife then you have to perform this wazifa, or else sit back and see him with someone else. People do a lot of dua to get their love, so you should do it too. Love is a beautiful thing but not an easy one, one needs to pray a lot to get it. The time you are spending crying utilize it by praying to Allah. Never tell anyone that you are doing this wazifa because if your lover comes to know about it, he might not like it. 

Love is the most beautiful thing that every human being deserves, so if you want to marry your one sided lover then you have to take Allah’s help. He is all-powerful and always ready to help his children. Let Allah Tallah know how much you love the person and to what extent you can go to keep him happy. If you can please Allah then be sure that you are going to marry your one sided love.

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